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A Global Wish Foundation can help you get started in your adoption journey!

A GLOBAL WISH FOUNDATION is an Iowa licensed non profit agency with staff and board having experience in adoption since 1999.  

  • Domestic and International Homestudy Services 
  • Post Placement/ Post Adoption  Services
  • Consulting & Connecting Service  designed to assist in finding you the right placing agency
  • Referral Specific Counseling  


A Global Wish Foundation provides quality Homestudy and Post Services for families in the State of Iowa.

  A GLOBAL WISH FOUNDATION  offers 20 years of adoption experience !

We have developed partnerships with domestic and international Hague accredited adoption agencies to provide you with various program recommendations to assist in identifying an agency and program that best meets your needs and desires. 


A Global Wish Foundation is focused on your specific needs and strives to provide guidance throughout the entire process.

 A GLOBAL WISH FOUNDATION provides supportive and personalized services to the adoptive family before, during and after placement. 

  • Family Coaching and Guidance
  • Professional and peer support 
  • Resource recommendations


Connecting you to Domestic Adoption Agencies


We can provide insight on domestic adoption agency's throughout the US for you to consider when researching your options.


We work in partnership with your agency and/or attorney to make sure your Homestudy meets the requirements of the agency you are working with, the state/s involved as well as the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

We can provide Homestudy services to any family in the state of Iowa.

Connecting you to International Adoption Agencies


 We assist in helping you work through the process of choosing a country program that best aligns with your desires and family dynamics.

We will help you identify a reputable international adoption agency to consider when researching your options and work in partnership with the agency you select to ensure the Homestudy requirements are met in accordance with your placing agency/primary provider requirements, specific country requirements as well as state and government regulations. 

Find ways to help fund and finance your adoption


There are ways to help fund your adoption journey :

  • Federal Adoption Tax Credit
  • Check with your employer for adoption benefits
  • Accept gifts from relatives and friends 
  • Seek out adoption grants
  • Take out an adoption specific loan
  • Fund raising

Resources and Education


Resources that provide on going education and support to adoptive families:


Get Involved


There are ways to help in our local community as well as globally through advocacy and fundraising. 

Many organizations rely solely on your donations to provide for some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Consider helping by donating to adoption grant foundations or child and family preservation and other humanitarian aid projects through reputable organizations. 

More info and opportunities via AGWF coming soon! 

Ask us how you can become involved!

A Global Wish Foundation


Hello!  I am Carla Tripp, Founder and Executive Director of A Global Wish Foundation. I have worked in the adoption field since 1999.  

I have  gained valuable experience in various roles facilitating Homestudy and Post Adoption Services as well as creating and implementing overseas programs while working as a  case manager/program director for international programs in Africa and Eastern Europe. Over the years I have developed relationships with multiple agencies and use those connections to best guide you during your adoption process. 

I have traveled to various countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa and I am excited to  be a part of your adoption journey! 


When the pathway forward feels unclear, we can provide support and walk you through all of your adoption options. Contact us!

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We look forward to assisting you and being a part of your adoption journey! 

A Global Wish Foundation

West Des Moines, Iowa, United States